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Charlie Chan Movies!
This is where you'll find out
more about each Chan Movie
as Maven adds them!


Warner Oland
# 1 Charlie Chan

Have you checked
Charlie Chan at College?


Charlie Chan Annex

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Charlie Chan
And Clan

This is where the Charlie Chan
lover can check in
periodically to check
on any new goodies here!
And check the list on the
left for Maven's list
of Chan Movies and her
notes on each as
she adds them!

Check out Maven's other 
Charlie Chan departments!

Sidney Toler,
The Second Charlie Chan

Can't get enough
Then try these links!

Charlie Chan at College

The Charlie Chan Family


The Charlie Chan Family Chat Room

The Charlie Chan Annex - An Early Maven Blog

Charlie Chan.Net Message Board

Roland Winters,
The Final Charlie Chan

Charlie Chan at College
A Maven Project in Concert with Others

Check out the project that Maven
participated in several years ago at
Glick as Publisher, your own Maven
as Editor AND co-author with Rush,
Terri Heitz and Prof. van Helman!
The graphics are from Steve Rhodes,
a Chan Expert if there ever is one!


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