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Going to the "Movies" back in the day meant seeing cartoons, serials, newsreels, a main feature and a B-Feature.
The main feature was top-quality, the best that Holllywood could produce.
Or at least a cut above the B-Feature!
So check back for what's new!
Film Noir 1:1
Romantic Movies 1:2
Vincent Price
Psycho 1:4
Jean Harlow/Paul Bern 1:5
The Quiet Man 1:6
Charlie Chan in London (1936) 1:7
Character Actors, from A to Z 1:8
Dr. Kildare vs. Dr. Christain 1:9

Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara


Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Where All the Stars Left Their Imprints!


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