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Victor Sen Yung, Sidney Toler and Fortunio Bonanov
as Tommy, Charlie and Inspector Cavero in Red Dragon

Fortunio Bonanova [who played Inspector Luis Carvero in The Red Dragon (1945)] was the pseudonym of Josep Lluis Moll, a man of many talents.
He started out as a professional telegraph operator before turning to opera as a baritone and then appearing in a 1921 silent version of Don Juan. 
Bonanova directed his own version of Don Juan just three years later and was an uncredited consultant for the 1941 Blood and Sand.
Fortunio Bonanova played in the memorable Going My Way in 1944 as Tomaso Bozanai.
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Benson Fong, Sidney Toler and Fortunato Bonanova

as Tommy and Charlie Chan and Inspector Carvero

     Willie Best had a varied career and arguably
made more money for himself than did most
blacks of the era.
      His career went from series like Hiledgard
Withers to Charlie Chan to the Classic The
Ghost Breakers (1940). 
      Best got one of the
best lines in films, telling Paulettes Goddard's
character that he is the "old-family detainer"!
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