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Charlie Chan's Secret (1936)

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Henrietta Crosman as Henrietta Lowell,
Maven's Favorite Alias!

Welcome to one of Maven's favorite movies!
Charlie Chan is called in by Henrietta Lowell, of San Francisco, to find her nephew, Allen Colby.
What Charlie finds is murder, mysterious houses, suspects everywhere . . . and the very active corpse of Allen Colby!
Keep checking back here (and the other Charlie Chan movies) because Maven has lots to keep adding!

The Oakland Bridge

Bloopers in Charlie Chan's Secrets:
How did the killer[s] know when and how Allen Colby would be coming home so soon as to plan to have him killed berfore Colby reached San Francisco?
In the boat scene, there are two divers.  One comes up with a dripping wet atttache case.  When Charlie looks at it, it now dry . . . as are the contents, which don't even look like they've been wet!
The bridge being built in an early scene is the Oakland Bay Bridge, the background for when Charlie is bound for San Francisco.  (Courtesy of Rush Glick)
When Dick Williams meets Alice Lowell at Colby House, they end up in the seance room where he changes how he rests his arms on the back of one of the chairs, depending on the camera shot used.
When is the short-wave radio set up at Colby House and the switch to turn it on, not to mention the ultraviolet light?
How did Professor Bowen flick the hidden switch to turn on the music sent from their apartment's radio without anybody noticing him?
How did Colby's body get in the hidden passage-way door during the first seance, and how does he stay porpped up, onl to suddenly fall down the stairs?
Does Charlie bring a chemical analysis bag on each case?  If he doesn't, why not since he has to use police labs on other cases?  (Courtesy of Beckey Truesdale)
In the scene where Charlie returns to the Lowell home after checking out the sniper's nest, why doesn't Baxter notice that somebody has moved the base?
How can he be sure that it has water?!
Watch the vase after baxter puts the flowers in it.  Freeze the fram when the bullet hits the vase.  (Courtesy of Rush Glick)
Watch Baxter when the vase is shot up.  He is sprayed with waterh as he jumps back and runs to the Inspector.  Baxter is completely dry in the shot where he actually reaches the Inspector's arms.


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