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Charlie Chan at the Race Track (1936)

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Warner Oland as the Chinese Detective in
"Charlie Chan at the Race Track" (1936)

Charlie Chan is generally considered to be one of the favorites of Chan fans.
The story is great fun with an interesting story, good actors and a change of pace of background, set against the always challenging world of horse-racing!

Edward Everett Horton and Betty Grable Do
"Let's Knock Knees" with Fred Astaire on the Right

And speaking of backgrounds . . . .
They borrow music in a scene twenty-seven minutes into the film: 
 Charlie goes down to the bar and finds Gordon P. Huntley, Jr., (as Denny Barton) and Helen Wood (as Alice Fenton).
If you listen carefully, the music you hear is Let's Knock Knees from The Gay Divorcee (1934).
This song tickled Maven so much that she found the lyrics!  Check them out at Music - The Gay Divorcee (1934) - Let's Knock Knees.

The Australian Racing Legend,
Par Lap

You can check out more about The Melbourne Cup, Australia's leading horse race at by clicking on Phar Lap at right.
This is the race that starts off Charlie Chan at the Race Track and ultimately draws Charlie Chan into the international intrigue of sports betting!

Charlie Chan teaching about
blood pattern analysis

Click on the photograph on the right
for a reprint from Maven's
Charlie Chan Annex from 2004.
It's about her actual encounter with
Charlie Chan in the flesh!!

For more information, check out
Rush Glick's notes on Shanghai at


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