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Charlie Chan's Photo Album

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Maven's favorite pseudonym,
Henrietta Lowell (Charlie Chan's Secret, 1936)

Mrs. Lowell here, from
Charlie Chan's Secret.
I'm the keeper of the
Chan Photograph Album.
I'll be posting pictures
from the movies and
from behind the scenes so
please keep checking back!

Charlie and Bela
Matching Wits

What better way to start off
Halloween Season than with
Charlie Chan going up
against Bela Lugosi?!
Or any season?!

Two Europeans
in Hawaii

Who'd athunk it?!
The Chinese Charlie Chan (played by Swedish Warner Oland, by way of Massacheusetts, USA) meets up against the Psychic Tarneverro
(played by Hungarian Bela Lugsoi, by way of New York) in the Polynesian Islands of Hawaii that's an American Protectorate!
Go figure!

~ ~ ~ ~
More fans of Warner Oland as Charlie Chan?!
And Maven's favorite Chan movie?!

Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Greeting Guests on the Set

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