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These are Websites of the Month
plus those that I have come
across in my research.
You all might want to check
out for yourselves!
Enjoy!* - This website has loads of movies that are in the publick domain and can be downloaded to your computer or DVDs, like The Ghost Walks (1934) amd The Thirteenth Guest (1932) with Ginger Rogers. - (also - A website by Bela Lugosi, Jr. that should please the legion of fans for Bela, Sr.! - 1:2:1 - Great website of one of Hollywood's leading men of all time. - 1:4:3, 1:6:4 A great source of Charlie Chan-iana from Rush Glick - 1:3:1, 1:4:2, 1:5:4, 1:6:5 - Rush's very active Monday Night Chat Room where Maven is a frequent member!  You can either use your own first name or a pseudonym from the Chan Series! - 1:5:3 - THE message board where anybody who is anybody in the field of Chan-iana goes and posts . . . and frequently at that! Brought to you by Kurt Schmidt! - 1:1:1 - Donnie Dunagan was the son of The Son of Frankenstein (1939) with Boris Karloff in his final portrayal of the Monster and Basil Rathbone as The Son of . . . ! - 1:3:6 - A link that frequently hasn't worked for Maven for the house by Frank Lloyd Wright that was used in The House on Haunted Hill (1959).  Maybe it'll be back one of these millenium. - 1:5:7, 1:6:6 & 14, 1:7:4, 1:8:18, 1:9:26 - Maven found Internet Movie Database early in her internet forays and soon found it necessary for any research need about movies!
(NOTE:  Many of Maven's friends prefer so she's including it out of fairness and friendship!) - Sara Karloff's website for her father that has lots of goodies for his still active fans! - 1:6:4 - A great webiste given over to both Lon Chaneys, father and son, and Junior's off-spring, too.  Maven rates this site highly. - This is where you can find out more information, including ordering, rare and never-before-seen information about Bela Lugosi and his career that Gary Rhodes ably put together.  A musthave for any serious horror movie fan - 1:8:28 - This is the website of actress Judy Lewis, the daughter that Loretta Young had with Clark Gable.  It's a very interesting site worth checking out. - 1:10:12 - The home that the Mckees build in Texas south of Dallas. - 1:6:14 - Please be warned about this website for The Quiet Man (1952) with John Wayne and Marueen O'Hara.
WARNING:  It's one of those sites that doesn't want to leave your computer! - 1:3:5 - Lists the Ennis-Brown House as endangered to the point of needing at least $5,000,000 to repair/restore the Frank Lloyd Wright designed-home to former glory.  The exterior was featured as the facade of The House on Haunted Hill (1959). - 1:5 - It has information about Sharon Tate's stay at the Paul Bern house when it was owned by Jay Sebring. - 1:6:14 - This website  has what it says is the Quietman Cottage museum, from the 1952 moive with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. - 1:6 - Lists several of Bram Stoker's novels, including Dracula and The Life of the White Worm. - 1:10:7 - The band that's been around for decadess. - 1:9:3 - Okay, this is maven's own website here and a blatant plug at that! - 1:7:3 - A delicious website for Jonathan Geffner and friends who have put together a short film that Maven enjoys:  Oxford Park.  You can download the film, the-making-of documentary, and blooper goodies just by cliking on the link - 1:3:1 -The only reason Maven is listing this website at this point is because it's something of a marketplace to find Vincent Price material to buy.

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each website are the
volume, issue and page
of The Old Movie Maven
Magazine can be located.


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