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Charlie Chan Music

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Yes, there was music in the
Charlie Chan movies!
Sometimes it was upfront and
sometimes hardly audible in the
background but it was there!

We are first treated to the beautiful voice of Warner Oland singing to children aboard ship in Charlie Chan in Shanghai (1935).
You can even hear music from a Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire in Charlie Chan at the Race Track (1936) half-way through the movie when Charlie is interviewing Helen Wood (as Alice Fenton), G.P. Huntley (Denny Barton)!
Listen carefully when Thomas Beck (Bruce Rogers) comes over . . . you'll begin to hear Music - The Gay Divorcee (1934) - Let's Knock Knees!

Manolo's Cabaret in
Charlie Chan in Panama (1940)

     And then there is Vereda Tropical, sung by Jean Rogers (center in the photograph, played by Jean Rogers) in Charlie Chan in Panama (1940).
     Check out the guy in the lower left-hand corner.  He's staring at the camera out the corner of his eyes instead of the action on his left!

Have you tried
Check it out!


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