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The one-liners and quick come-backs 
that we've all come to love!
New quotes will be added periodically
so please check back often!

Bela Lugosi as
Dracula (1931)

DRACULA (1931)
The spider spinning his
web for the unwary fly. 
The blood is the life,
Mr. Renfield.

"Mad Miss Manton: (1938) with
Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck

LT. MIKE BRENT (Sam Levine):  Look, lady, it's been ten minutes since you called us.  The murderer, that is if there is a murderer, could be in Brooklyn by now - that is, if anybody wants to be in Brooklyn.
MELSA MANTON (Barbara Stanwyck):  Helen, you search the upstairs.
HELEN FRAYNE (Frances Mercer):  Oh, noQ  I was never much of an individualist.  If the upstairs has to be searched, we'll search it together.
DORA FENTON (Catherine O'Quinn):  Why, that's communism!
DORA FENTON:  You know, psychiatrists say hate's just a step away from love.
HELEN FRAYNE:  Yeah, but it's the lull in between that drives you crazy.

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