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Charlie Chan Books

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These are the original novels by Earl Derr Biggers and the movies that were made from them!
The House Without a Key (1935)
     The House Without a Key (1926 serial with George Kuwa)
     Charlie Chan's Greatest Case (1933 with Warner Oland)
The Chinese Parrat (1926)
     The Chinese Parrot (1927 serial with Kamiyama Sojin)
     Charlie Chan's Courage (1934 with Warner Oland)
Behind That Curtain (1928)
     Behind That Curtain (1929 with Warner Baxter)
     Charlie Chan's Chance (1932 with Warner Oland)
     Murder Over New York (1940 with Sidney Toler)
The Black Camel (1929)
     The Black Camel (1931 with Warner Oland)
     Charlie Chan in Rio (1941 with Sidney Toler)
Charlie Chan Carries On (1930)
     Charlie Chan Carries On (1931 with Warner Oland)
     Eran Trece (1931 with Manuel Arbo in Spanish)
     Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise (1940 with Sidney Toler)
Keeper of the Keys (1932)
     Keeper of the Keys has never been made into a movie.
     It was produced on Broadway as a play written by Valentine Davies.  It was opened October 18, 1933, at the Fulton Theatre (NY),  The closing date is unknown.

The Keeper of the Keys (1932)
The Only Chan Made into a Play

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