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Peekaboo Time?! Check out the guy in the
uniform in the lower left hand corner!

Charlie Chan in Panama  (1940)
     Charlie Chan in Panama. . . .  Or is he?
     He's under cover as Fu Yuen, owner of a hat store and on the look out for a gang of spies among international travelers who may--or, like Fu Yuen, may not!--be what they seem!
      All this with a background of Panama's nightlife, Military Police, and . . . being held in a crypt!

Charlie Chan
Crypt - Kicker?!

     Yes, Maven said crypt!
     Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler), Jimmy (Victor Sen Young), and Captain Lewis investigate a cemetery and come across a mausoleum that they decide to check out.
      They find an old maid teacher on vacation as Jimmy leans against a back wall and takes a tumble.
     This crypt that looks average-sized on the outside has a false wall leading to stairs down to a room that looks larger than most apartments that Maven has seen lately!
     Who has that complicated a crypt, not to mention that sized?!
     Okay . . . so there's a mausoleum in Fort Worth, Texas, that has had Maven's interest for years!
     Don't ask or she'll tell you about half the cemeteries in this area!

* * * * * *


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