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Movies - Lost

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Bela Lugosi as the
Frankenstein Monster

     This is where you'll find interesting things about lost films . . . like the 20 minutes of Bela Lugosi's test as the Frankenstein Monster that Robert Fllorey directed.
     It's been considered lost since its last viewing in 1931.
     According t  "Only a poster, featuring the vague likness of Bela Lugosi as a 30 feet [sic] colossus, remains."
     A 30 feet colossus?
     Yep, that would be some monster movie . . . Bela Lugosi as the Frankenstein Monster with 30 little feet skidaddling all over the place like he was in a Mack Sennett Comedy!!

This is a still from the lost spider scene from the original "King Kong" (1933).  From the looks of it, Maven isn't sure she's ready to see it even if it was found and restored to the movie!  Maven isn't too thrilled with the company that little bugger has been keeping!

A Still from the Lost Spider Scene
From "King Kong" (1933)


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