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Music - The Gay Divorcee (1934) - Let's Knock Knees

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This is the specialty number that the very young
Betty Grable did with Edward Everett Horton
in The Gay Divorcee (1934) with Fred
Astaire and Ginger Rogers. 
So sit back and enjoy!

A very young Betty Grable with
Edward Everett Horton and Chorus

Let's Knock Knees
SINGER (Betty Grable): 
You're my type of a shy type of a beau, dear,
So let's do things, I'll teach you a few things.
Noq who said what you said for I know, dear,
I'm not bashful, I'm mashful and pashful.
When you're near I feel so let's play housey,
Oh, you make me feel so mickey mousy,
You're sweet and so agreeable
and I feel so gosh and geeable.
You are so bill and cooable and I'm so I love youable.
Come cuddle closer please and let's knock knees.
They say make hay while the sun shines so
Let's, oh let's, make hay while the moon shines.
My heart is so tick tock tickable
and your lips are so lipsticable.
you know your ABC's so let's knock knees.
EGBERT (PICKY) FITZGERALD (Edward Everett Horton):
It's so incomprehensible.
It doesn't seem quite sensible and yet I like it. 
Please, let's knock knees.
It's almost hoi palloiable and yet quite enjoyable.
Ooh, I'm full of rhapsody.
Let's knock knees.
Dr. lightly bonding.
SINGER:  Stop it. Knock it.
EGBERT:  Really, this is most astounding!
SINGER:  It makes one feel so thrillable!
EGBERT:  Well, we've exhausted every syllable!
SINGER:  I crave frivolity.

EGBERT:  Let's knock knees.

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