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Music - Charlie Chan in Panama (1940) - Vereda Tropical

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      Charlie Chan in Panama has a nightclub scene where everybody who is anybody shows up.
      Or they do if they're suspects in a Chan movie!
      So we have Kathi Lenesch (played by Jean Rogers) "persuaded" to sing Vereda Tropical in the Cabaret owned by Emil Manolo (Jack La Rue), another suspect!

Jean Rogers as Kathi Lenesch confronted
by Charlie Chan and his son, Jimmy

Voy por la vereda tropical
La noche plena de quietud
Con su perfume de humedad
Se oye el rumor de una candion de amor y de piedad
Para besar su boca fresca de amor
Y mehura quererme mas y mas
Sin olvidar jamas aquellas noche junto al mar
Hoy solo me queda recorder
Mis ojos mueren de llorar
Y mi alma muere de esperar
Porque se fue
Tu le dejanste in vereda Tropical
Hasta volveme

Suspects in Manolo's Cabaret in
Charlie Chan in Panama


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