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Charlie Chan in the Secret Service (1944)

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Charlie Chan in the Secret Service (1944) is the first Chan in the series that Monogram made.
Sidney Toler had reportedly acquired the rights when Twentieth-Century Fox discontinued the series after Castle in the Desert in 1942.
Why he got them and from whom?  Maven is still trying to find out!
In the meantime, kick back with the popcorn and point that remote for . . .

Courtesy of,
Rush Glick, Proprietor

      Makes you wonder
      just what they were
      doing in Washington,
      D.C., during World
      War II, doesn't it?!
      But some guys
      always seem to be
      hands on!

     These are the mistakes that have been found in Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
     Many of these have been found by friends of Maven's and they are accredited accordingly!:
     When George Melton blows up the ships in his lab at the beginning of the movie, the background doesn't match the mid-shot.
     And the bomb . . . all were dummies . . . so how did they explode when he threw one?  If he had thrown the loaded one, they would all be dead . . . why?  Because if you remember the inventor said if that one was to go off it would blow everything within 2 blocks to bits . . . so what is it that Tommy threw?  (Courtesy of Evan Thompson)
     Charlie walks through the deserted lobby of a federal building in Washington, D.C., and onto almost as deserted street with little food and no vehicular traffic to a taxi that just "happens" to be at the curbside.
     The California State Flag flying in front of a government building in Washington (D.C.], as well as Charlie's long walk from the taxi to the house.  Daytimewhen he starts and night when he arrives.  (Courtesy of Bill Lutters)
     Chalrie's kids, Tommy and Iris, are in his ofice when he comes in and announces that he has to leave them for a murder investigation.  Iris says they don't know where he's going and Tommy announces he knows how to gifure out where "Pop" is going.  the next scene finds them at the front door.
      Whe did nayone have the opportunity to electrify the closet door and do the remote switch or the magnetized gun set-up?

Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff in
"The Boogie Man Will Get You" (1942)

Now if you have ever seen The Boogie Man Will Get You (1942) with Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre, you will see Mantan in the same machine only in CC in the Secret Service . . . Mantan Moreland jumps in it just before the shooting starts, and comes out and asks them, "What's going on?  I thought I heard shots fired!"  (Courtesy of Evan Thompson)
      Note when Charoie is shot at from behind a curtain.  Mantan looks like he walks out from behind the same one . . . or very close to it.  (Courtesy of Evan Thompson)
     How did spy know where the accomplice would be sitting in the perfect spot to be murdered by the spy . . . without a gun in site or any suspision of the culprit?!
     The spy hid the plans in a statue before arriving at the house so . . . how did the plans get INTO the statue BEFORE arrival?!  (Courtesy of Evan Thompson)

This is one of the best
known bloopers from any
Chan movie!  It's when
he leaves the "Federal
Building" and passes this

The California State Flag


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