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Music - Flying Down to Rio (1933) - Orchids in the Moonlight

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Raul Roulien
Orchids in the Moonlight

(1933 by Gus Kahn and Vincent Youmans)
     Orchids in the Moonlight was sung by Raul Roulien in Flying Down to Rio (1933).  It's one of the sexiest songs that Maven has ever heard and it has something of a mystery.
     The lyrics you are likely to find on the internet are different on Line Eight than you'll find in Maven's version that she got directly from the movie, Flying Down to Rio (1933).
     The internet version is "Like the petals scattered" as opposed to "Like the battle scabbard."
     So who are you going to believe?
     The internet or Maven's copy of the movie?!
When orchids bloom in the moonlight
And lovers vow to be true,
I still can dream in the moonlight
Of one dear night that we knew.
When orchids fade in the dawning
They speak of tears and goodbyes.
Though my dreams are shattered
Like the battle scabbard,
Still my love can never die.
There is rest in the twilight
When the day is through
But the shadows that fall
Only seem to recall
All my longing for you.
There is a dream in the moonbeams
On a sea of blue
But the moonbeams that fall
Only see to recall
Love is old, love is new.

* * * * * *


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