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Charlie Chan at College

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Charlie and Jimmy Chan Introduce
"Charlie Chan at College"

Mr. Charlie Chan and
Mr. Jimmy Chan
would like to announce
the addition of
Charlie Chan at College
(an original script from
 Charlie Chan Family
to The Old Movie Maven
:: :: :: :: :: ::
Please click on any
of the pictures on
this page to
go to
Charlie Chan at College!

University of
Sosuthern California

The University of Southern California,
is where the action takes place.
Below are just some of the
actors playing parts in our
fan-written script in honor of
the great Chinese detective,
Charlie Chan!
~ ~ ~

Some of the Cast of
Charlie Chan at at College

From left, top row:  Victor Sen Yung (Jimmy),
Warner Oland (Charlie Chan),
Keye Luke (Lee Chan)
Bottom row:  Russell Hicks (Dean Saunders),
Fred Kelsey (Sgt. "Flat Floot" Flynn),
and Marc Lawrence (Harry Walden).

Charlie Chan Family
[Sidney Toler as Chan]

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Charlie Chan Annex


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