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Library Shelves - "A Life on Film" by Mary Astor

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Mary Astor in the Philo Vance Mystery
"Kennel Club Murder Case"

     This is mary Astor's take on her life in front of and behind the maveras in Hollywood.
     And a darned good take it is, too!
     Astor covers everything from John Barrymore giving her "private" tutorials in acting to making Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964), her last film.
     A Life on Film is one of Maven's stand-bys about Old Hollywood, with its stories about The Maltese Falcon and how she and Bette Davis took story controll on the set of The Great Lie (1941).
     Mary Astor doesn't even pull any punches aobut her scandal-ridden divorce when her private life was plastered on the front pages of papers all over the country.
     It's a jewel of a book about a jewel of an actress.


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