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Library Shelves - "Silent Star" by Colleen Moore

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Colleen Moore
The Ultimate Twenties Flapper

    Colleen Moore was one of Hollywood's best and brightest actresses.
    When she bobbed her hair to separate herself from the actresses around her,  Moore not only kick-started her career but motivated women around the country to follow suit when women had to go to men's barbers to do it.
    When Moore and her family decided in the late twenties to build a doll house for her lifelong collection of miniatures, she created a different sort of craze--among specialists from Chicago to Asia.
    Maven's own favorite stories are about the polar bear rug that she had made out of an ermine skin.
    The taxidermist couldn't leave the "bear's" mouth open (no plastic then for "bearly there" teeth!) so Colleen was suprised to see the polar bear's looking like it could bite her.
    The taxidermist told her that he remembered that he had a mouse trap . . . and did a little unothorized mouse dental work!
     Definitely a book well-worth checking out!

Colleen Moore is the Second on the Right and
Clara Bow is the First on the Left

Click on the picture at the lower left for more about Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle, The Library
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