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Geography - California

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This is where Maven will be posting pictures and maps of places in California that have been utilized in the movies!

The Oakland Bay Bridge
Underconstruction in 1936

This is the Oakland Bay Bridge that
Charlie Chan flew over early in 
Charlie Chan's Secret (1936) in a Pan
American Airways Phillipine Clipper

The Golden Gate International Exposition
aka as Treasure Island

This is the Golden Gate Internasional
Exposition in San Francisco's Treasure
Island, scene for most of Charlie Chan
at Treasure Island (1939).

A Map of The Golden Gate
International Exposition

A List of What is at The Golden Gate
International Exposition

And then we come to Sam Spade and The Maltese Falcon (1941)!
Here is a map of Downtown San Francisco that you can use reading the book, watching the tape/DVD or using it if you get lucky enough to tarvel to "Frisco"!

A Map to Sam Spade's
San Francisco

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